Relations with Friends Mom

22 ফেব্রু.
Relations with Friends Mom

thisisthe story of a young friend in whose house I was staying as a payingGuest when I started my working career. This boy became a close friendover a period of time and in fact it was he who encouraged me to getcloser to his sexy mother and engage her in physical relations forcouple of years. Off course the boy wanted to save his father of theconstant humiliation being meted out to him by boy’s mother. Thisnarration is partly in this boys words and experiences explained are inmine.

This was in Delhi when I got a job after passing out my Engg. and MBA.It was a job with a MNC and was a good break. While looking for a houseI came across this house. One of my colleague son

The interview with the owners went off well. It was the wife who didmost of the talking and Soon I moved into their house. It was a smallfamily, husband, wife and sonwho was in last year of school. Both husband and wife were working. Afew things in the house looked out of place bhut I decided to ignorethem and settle down. It was a 4 bedroom Terrace flat and 3 bedroomshad one door opening to the terrace.

Now about the family, Ohh what a beautiful women she was. Shikha was5’.6” tall, all curves at right places, big boobs, slim waist and biground ass. Most often Shikha would be wearing a low cut sleevelessblouse and petticoat in the house. Both the low cut blouse andpetticoat worn well below her naval, would show a good amount of hercleavage. In fact her buttocks were most attractive. They were roundand full and the way she swayed them while walking would have forcedanyone to turn around and watch her. In fact I used to a hardonwatching her swaying buttocks had often had fantacised about putting mycock into her asshole.

As against this, Shekhar, her Husband was average looking and short,just about 5’3” tall. In fact Shikha towered over her husband by coupleof inches. SonRahul like father was short just about father’s height. In fact Shikhaoften used to wear high heels and she would literally tower over bothShekhar and Rahul whenever they went out together. Very often I wouldsee Shekhar doing work in the house alongside Shikha.

I used to get up early and exercise on the terrace, doing pushups,skipping and Yoga etc. As for me I was 6’ tall and has muscular bodydue the regular exercise. Quite often Shikha would come and sit on theterrace and watch me excercising and look at my muscular body. Isometimes used to drag Rahul to exercise and soon Shikha also joined mein the exercise. She would do skipping. I also taught her yoga. Herample assets would very often brush against my body while I showed hervarious poses. On such occasions I am sure she also felt my hardon overmy boxers. Often I would go for long jog instead of excercising and onreturn sit in the chair on the terrace to relax. After gaining somefamiliarity Shikha would often come with Towel and would sit on thearmrest of the chair and dry my face of the sweat. While she did thatvery often I got a close glimpse of her ample boobs and her buttockswould brush against my body. But she very often would allow her bodyparts to be in touch with mine and almost gave me impression that shewas doing it to seduce me.

I also helped Rahul with Maths and Science and we soon became veryclose and Rahul soon started confiding secrets in me. I learnt thattill about 4 years back they were staying in a 2 bedroom flat and itwas only due to Shikha’s apparent prosperity that made them move intothis spacious house. Shikha was Vice President in a local company andseemed to have risen the Corporate ladder quite fast. Shekhar had a 10to 5 desk job in Government Office.
Rahul also confided to me that his mother due to both her financial aswell as physical reasons was in total control of the house. Shikhawould take all the decisions and Shekhar complied with her every wish.

Shikha was no doubt sexy and boisterous. Almost every weekend she wouldreturn home quite late and very often she would come back smelling ofAlcohol. She used to attend parties both official and private and wouldenjoy life fullest. Very often she would be dropped home by her bosswith whom she was quite intimate. Her clothes would often be ruffledand disheveled when she returned and it was apperant that Shikha wasgetting ****ed by her boss regularly. On some weekends her Boss wouldcome over and stay over and both would be locked up in her bedroom.Shekhar would on such occasions would be asked to sleep in the otherspare bedroom.

On one such occasion when Shikha was dropped home quite late, I had achance to put my cock to use. In fact it was Shikha who almost demandedthat she want me to **** her that night. Shekhar was not feeling welland had retired early informing me that I should remain awake. Ataround midnight there was a knock at the door and when I opened thedoor, Shikha almost collapsed into my arms.Her clothes as well as herhair were in dishavlled condition and she was finding it difficult tostand straight. Her breath was reeking of Alcohol. With my support shestaggered into her Bedroom and enquired about Shekahr. Upon myinforming her “ this worthless creature cannot even wait for me, whowill do the cleanup now? Shekhar will have to pay for this tomorrow.Shikha removed her clothes there and tried walking towards the bathroomcum was overflowing from her pussy downto her thighs. She almost lostbalance and I carried her to bathroom. Once she cleaned up and washedher face, she seemed to be getting her balance back. Shekhar make onedrink for both of us. I want to have another drink. My persuation thatshe had one too many failed and by the time I came back with ourglasses, Shikha had settled down on the bed. She was still fully naked.She made me sit next to her and in few moments started running her handover my boxers. Feeling the hardness of my cock. Sitting so close toher, my member had gained hardness. Shikha took my hand and placed iton her breast. Ashok, don’t you feel like touching these beautifulbreasts of mine? I nodded. Then what are you waiting for. Maul themthey are all yours, I am in a mood today and since I did not getsatisfied want a good **** from you before going to bed. That night we****ed like we were newly married couple and Shikha slept in my arms.

Rahul had made a hole in his bedroom door and would get a clear view ofhis mother’s bed. In fact he on many occasions gave me preview of theirbedroom. It was on such occasions that I realized why Shekhar isdominated by Shikha. Shekhar’s cock was hardly 3” and it was obviousthat he could not satisfy a tigress like Shikha. They hardly had anysexual relations. Very often after retiring to bedroom, Shikha would besitting on a rocking chair relaxing while Shekhar would stand in frontof her quite often in the nude with his head bowed down. It was thistime that she would scold him for his day’s mistake and on fewoccasions we had even seen Shikha giving hard slaps on Shekhar’s faceor make him bend and spank his ass. She would shove in something inShekhar’s mouth so that his cries would not be heard. Very often aftersuch beatings Shekhar would cry like a baby and all this would end upwith Shekhar settling down in between Shikha’s spread legs and lick herpussy. Shikha would close her eyes and her fingers would caressShekhar’s neck. Often her Toe would rub against Shekhar’s cock and bythe time Shikha would reach orgasm Shekhar would also release his loadon Shikha’s leg which he would dutifully lick it clean. On occasions wehad even seen Shikha ordering Shekhar to kneel in front of her andmasturbate. It was quite regular for Shikha to order Shekhar to sleepon the ground and not on the bed next to her.

When Rahul started attending college Shekhar was transferred to Assambut Shikha and Rahul stayed back. It was here that Shikha turned bolderand openly flouted her relations with a newly moved in neighbor. Offcourse those days I also used to tour often and this was narrated byRahul much later.

Anyway one morning the door bell rang and Rahul opened the door. It wasa gentleman at the door and Rahul asked him whom he wanted to meet. Hesmiled at Rahul and told him that he was moving next door and wanted tomeet his neighbors. Rahul as a matter of courtesy invited him to comeinside and went called Shikha. Shikha walked out of Kitchen and was hewas just wearing a low cut blouse and petticoat showing a good amountof her cleavage. Neighbor’s face glowed as he saw Shikha and soon theywere shaking hands. He told Shikha “Aapse milke bahut aacha laga, meinramesh huun apka naya padosi”. Shikha was apologizing for her dresswhen he said “Don’t worry Shikha, tum is dress mein bahut sexy lag rahiho”. It was evident that Ramesh was quite a talker and soon he hadstruck up quite a conversation with Shikha. Pretty soon he was talkingabout various things with both Shikha and Rahul and earned theirconfidence. He on a weekend invited Rahul and Shikha to dinner at hisplace.

According to Rahul Shikha dressed up quite nicely before going toRamesh’s place. She was wearing a blue sari with matching sleevelessblouse and was looking quite sexy in that dress. As Ramesh opened thedoor and causally embraced Shikha and said “ tum to use din se bhizyada pyari aur sexy lag rahi ho Shikha meri jaan”. While saying thishis hands were running on Shikha’s back and her ample buttocks. Shikhadid not make any attempt to move out and allowed Ramesh’s hands freedomof running over her buttocks. Finally Ramesh took Shikha’s hand andtook her inside and offered her a drink and beer to Rahul. Soon theywere having a nice chat and enjoying themselves. Rahul was quiteexcited seeing Ramesh run his hand all over Shikha’s body and Shikhanot seem to be minding all this. After dinner while they all sat downto watch TV, Ramesh enquired about Shekhar. He was asking questionslike “tumhara pati kya karta hai, kab trip se lautega, kitne din hogaye shaadi ko, tumhara aacha khyal rakhta hai na? Shikha by now wasquite drunk and soon began complaining about Shekhar to Ramesh. Rameshwas soon consoling Shikha and was soon running his hands all throughShikha’s back and face and even over her buttocks. It was quite lateand before they returned home Ramesh took Shikha into arms and plantedhis lips on hers. She did not seem to be disturbed by this and in factresponded back while they exchanged a long French kiss. On reachinghome Shikha kept saying “Ramesh bahut aacha aadmi hai, proper gentlemanhai, kaash tumhara baap bhi aisa hota”.

Ramesh soon became friends with Rahul and started inviting him to hishouse for a couple of beers. Soon over couple of beer sessions Rahulinnocently gave all the information about Shikha including what kind onclothes Shikha wore at home, kind of makeup she used etc. Also told himthat Shekhar is away for work now and would come back only after fewmonths. Ramesh got quite close to Shikha too and three of them wouldoften get together and have dinner or lunch. Ramesh began to visitShikha quite often and would stay back for the night. He would oftentake Shikha out for dinner in expensive restaurants or to romanticmovies, started buying Shikha an expensive sari, beautiful salwars,purses and quite a few other things. While going out with her he wouldinsist Shikha wear those clothes.

When I came back after being on tour for 2 months I also noticed Shikhamoving closer to Ramesh. She had by now stopped coming on to theterrace in the morning. She was keeping sort of a distance from me. Itwas a day before Shekhar was to return back from Assam. It was aweekend and after couple of drinks and dinner I was reading a novel.Rahul walked in. It must have been almost 12.30 at night and he invitedme to his bedroom. Once in he closed the door and switched off thelight and asked me to peep into his mother’s bedroom.

Shikha was standing near the bed a and Ramesh was sitting on the bed.He was running his hands over her ample buttocks and she in turn wasmassaging the back of his neck. He slowly removed her blouse and braand caressed her boobs and sucked her nipples. After a while he removedher petticoat and here was Shikha standing fully nude in Ramesh’sembrace. Soon Ramesh took his clothes off and soon Shikha was holdinghis cock and running her fingers over his balls and cock. Soon sheknelt down and took Ramesh’s cock in her mouth and started sucking itfuriously. His cock was about 6” , smaller than mine but Shikha seemedto be attracted to it. After he was sufficiently hard he carried Shikhain his arms and settled her in bed and soon mounted her. He ****ed hercrazy and they had another round after which he went to his house.Shikha had walked out to the door nude and before parting they onceagain exchanged a long passionate kiss. Shikha tomorrow your husbandwill return and we will have to be careful. “Do not worry dear, I willmake sure he is not an impediment in our relations” Shikha assured himlovingly running her fingers over hic cock.

Shekhar soon found change in Shikha. She had become more dominant anddemanding. She would now scold Shekhar openly in front of everyone inthe house. She also started getting physical and would slap Shekhareven when we were around. One day she came back from office early andafter dinner she summoned Shekhar to their bedroom. Both me and Rahulthough were curious and were peeping out into their bedroom to getglimpse of what was happening. Shekhar was standing in front of Shikha,fear writ large on his face. She opened the parcel and took out apronsand some panties. Shekhar I have decided that your job is not importantto us to run this house. I earn 4 times your salary. I cannot dojustice to the job which pays me as well as run the house. I havedecided that today onwards you will run this house and do all thehousehold work. I would prefer your quitting your worthless job,however If you wish to continue working then you will do all the workin the house too in addition to your job. Here are your gifts, I wantyou to wear this aprons all the time when you work at home and from nowon you will wear these undies which I have brought for you. Shikha gavea couple of stinging slaps across Shekhar’s face and asked” Is your newrole in the house clear to you now?”. Shekhar was trembling in fear,tears running down his eyes and just nodded. Shikha gave couple of morehard slaps and Shekhar was on his knees at her legs begging for mercy.

From this day Shekhar’s life changed. He continued his job but tookcharge of all the household work and would be dead tired by dinnertime. He would often get beaten in bedroom as he would doze off whilelicking Shikha’s pussy as had become a rule. Shikha continued herrelations with Ramesh. Rahul became sad and was turning more introvertseeing his father suffer. “If Mummy wants to enjoy let her enjoy likeshe was enjoying earlier, why is she making Dad suffer? “ he wouldoften say to me.

Soon one day Ramesh told Shikha that he has been transferred and wouldhave to leave this town. Shikha was sad for few days. She once againturned her attention towards me. She would often thereafte come toexercise and mop up my face with towel. Often she would slip from thearm rest of the chair and would land on my lap while mopping my sweat.On these occasions she must have felt hardness of my hard cock on herbuttocks.

It was on one such occasion that Rahul also came on the terrace toexercise and found Shikha on my lap mopping up my sweat. “Mom I havedecided to become strong like Ashok now, I will also exercise like himeach day and try to become as strong as he is See his muscular body, Iadmire his biceps and his hard body” announced Rahul. I have decided tojoin a gym. Shikha was pleased to hear this.

After Shikha left the terrace, it was Rahul who put the idea into my mind. Ashok, mom seems to be hot about you. She keeps on looking at your groin over your boxers. why don’t you seduce my Mom.She needs someone to satisfy her because my Dad cannot then it isbetter it is you rather than an outsider. You are part of the familynow. And you could make Dad’s life little more comfortable. I could notdisagree with his suggestion.

On the next weekend, I suggested that we all go for shopping as mybirthday was two days away and I want to buy something for the familywhich has given me roof. I brought dress for both Rahul and Shekhar.Shikha could not find anything that she liked. I decided to take Shikhafor shopping once again in the evening and took her to all upmarketshops. I purchased a lemon colour chiffon sari , matching purse andshoes and a expensive necklace for her. She was extremely pleased withall the gifts and was clinging on to my arm while we returned. I toldShikha that she should wear all this on my birthday. We decided tocelebrate the birthday on Saturday in a relaxed manner.

When the D day arrived we planned a private party. All four of us inthe house only. Rahul knew that I am moving on the way he hadsuggested. I ordered food from an expensive Chinese Rest so thatShekhar would have some rest. I had requested Shikha to wear all theitems which I had purchased on this day.

Shikha had dressed up for the day. She was busy right from the morning.She went to beauty parlor and did her facial. She was wearing the lemoncolour sari as usual well below her naval and had a sleeveless lemoncolour low cut blouse. The way she was dressed up all her curves wereprominently visible. She walked into the room swaying her amplebuttocks so very seductively. Thereafter she was in good mood and kepton walking in and out on the slightest pretext showing off her swayingbuttocks, she even went to the kitchen to fetch some ice from thefridge which otherwise she would have ordered Shekhar to do. Her onlyintention that day it seemed to be was to show off her ample assets andseduce me as each time she walked her buttocks swayed more moreprovocatively. We started off with a round of drinks. We were havingVodka and after one round I found Shikha was not wearing the necklacewhich I had purchased. When I asked her she said that she will wear itlater.

Rahul presented me with a Pen an expensive one at that and Shekharpresented me with a Tie. While we were having dinner I asked “Shikhawhat am I getting as birthday present?” “you will get a special presentAshok and you will get that only after you put that necklace around myneck. I want you to put that necklace around my neck. Will You do it?”Shikha querried. “Yes off course it would be my honor to put thenecklace around the neck of such a sexy lady”. I said.

After the table was cleared Rahul winked at me and retired to hisbedroom saying he is too tired. Shekhar too followed suit. Now only Iand Shikha were in the drawing room. Shikha now moved closer to me andsnuggled upto me. I put my arm around her and drew her closer at thesame time moving my hand down into her blouse. My fingers were now overher nipples, pinching them. Let us move into something more comfortableShikha said while getting up. Rahul and Shekhar had planned this in away. They had retired into Rahul’s bedroom leaving mine and Shikha’sbedroom free for us. I quickly changed into boxers and a loose teashirt and walked into Shikha’s bedroom. Shikha was standing near thedressing tablet. On seeing me enter the room she slowly removed herSari and kept it neatly folded.I I stood behind her and slowly unhookedher blouse and bra. Next moment was hand was pulling the string of herpetticoat.
My dream Girl, about whom I had fancied all these months but had notdared to make a move was standing fully nude right in front of me.Shikha took the necklace and handed it over to me and looked at me. Herimploring eyes conveyed to me that she wanted me to put it round herneck. There was Shikha standing in front of dressing table in all heroriginal glory waiting for me to put the necklace around her. I pickedup the necklace and moved behind her. Now her ample buttocks weremaking contact with my body. I put my arms around her and squeezed herboobs hard, tweaking her nipples which brought a mild shriek more outof pleasure.

Shikha stepped back so now her buttocks were pushing against my groinand I put my hands around her neck. While I was putting the necklacearound her neck, my rock hard cock was placed in her butt crack. Ohh!!It seems to be excited seeing me!! Shikha moaned. I grinded my cockagainst her butt crack while I put the necklace around her. Once Ifinished putting the necklace around Shikha’s neck, I moved my handsdown on her bare breasts, fondling them and kneading themalternatively. Shikha was too pleased getting such an expensivenecklace. She turned around and put her arms around my neck and raisingher feet, planted her lips on mine. We exchanged a long and passionateFrench Kiss standing there in each others tight embrace. Of CourseRahul was probably watching through the peephole because I heard afaint sound of knocking against the door.

Ashok, when this jewel was in the house for asking for so long, why wasI running around looking for happiness outside? So foolish of me.Shikha said while planting a kiss on my lips and putting her armsaround me. “Sweetheart you should thank your son Rahul who put this idea into my mind and encouraged me” I said to myself. Off course I could not have said it aloud.

I was still kneading Shikha’s ample breasts with my right hand while myleft hand had moved down and settled on her buttocks. Shikha’s breastsand buttocks were being kneaded by my strong arms. Shikha was enjoyingmy actions and brought her right hand up around my neck drew my mouthclose to hers and was drawing my tongue deep into her mouth and soonour tongues started lashing each other. Shikha was now feeling my hardcock rubbing against her tummy and pussy and my hands were still busykneading her ample buttocks.

Shikha jumped up and put both her legs around my waist. Supporting herby her buttocks I carried her to the bed and sat on the bed with Shikhaplanted on my lap. My cock was erect by this time and standing straightalmost 7-1/2″, probably the biggest . Shikha was wet by this time andstraightaway positioned herself on my lap in such a way that my cockwas touching her pussy gate. I gave a slight forward push to mybuttocks and it went in straight into Shikha’s pussy like a rocket. Wehad the first round sitting in the bed. Shikha thrusting her amplebuttocks furiously back and forth and me alternatively nibbling at herbreasts and drawing her tongue into my mouth and kissing herpassionately.

. was friends with this friend of mine and that is how I landed as a Paying Guest.

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