14 Feb

Tees Maar Khan (TMK) or Sheela Ke Jawani



Casting : Katrina Kaif (Sheela Ke Jawani), Akshay Kumar (Tabrez Khan),Akshaye Khanna (superstar), Raghu Ram (Johari brothers), Rajiv Lakshman (Joharibrothers), Arya Babbar,

Direction : Farah Khan

Genre : Comedy

Short Story: Akshay Kumar announces himself as Tees Maar Khan, the mostenormous convict creative person who being to rob.  in an  jails, heplans to manage the most adventuresome holdup of his life history, after beingtook by a robbers’ duo, the Johari brothers as Rajiv and Raghu. The twists needhim to rob a train containing a carriage-full of treasures. which affects antotal village, an film star as Oscar-crazy superstar Akshaye Khanna, a gang ofbrothers and a girlfriend as sheela ke jawani, Katrina Kaif, who happens to bea hopeful film actress likewise and passes her time acting in foolish pictures.Now the movie maker makes incessantly covered Bollywood cinema with a madviolation and expressed joy.In Tees Maar Khan, Katrina Kaif’s Anya is thefunniest heroine play till now. TMK has colouring, mood, pace but nothing doeslook to give place in conditions of plot and character connect.

Now we have to see how this Comedyfilm gat rank as Tees Maar Khan (TMK), or through it’s tracks sheela kejawani, 


Sheela Ke Jawani

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