21 নভে.


DrAshraf Choudhury                                                                                                
M.A Ph.D (On Gita & Koran)

National Awardee

1. You have to be absorbed in vow of silence for a week. It is only for the concentration of you mind.
2. You have to mentally call God’s name ceaselessly at every breath even through the period of taking meal, walking, sitting or discharging stool or urine without feeling any hesitation.
3. You may select any name of God whether it is Ram, Oam, Allah, God or any good name you like. And by this name you have to call Him through an imageless way, that is, to have spiritual feeling idolatry is unnecessary.
4. You never loudly call His name, even must not make a low sound, for whenever you loudly call His name, your throat will be droughty and feel weary and headache. And as a result, last of all you can not but grow impatient to drop the work.
5. Again you should not call His name wholly mentally in a silent way, for in this case you may forget the continuation of your work for about half an hour, even one, two or three hours at a stretch. Therefore at the time of mental call of His name you should slightly move the top of your tongue and two lips. This silent moving of your tongue and lip shall remind you that your work is going on. And so in this case there is no probability of your forgetfulness to mentally cal His name at every breath.
6. You may go to bed to sleep habitually at any time of day and night you like. And even you need not shorten the period of your sleep. But you have to sleep calling His name at every breath: and whenever you raise from sleep, at once will go on with this work like before. But it will be harmful to this work if you intentionally drop this work even for a few minutes.
7. In this period, you must not mentally read the newspaper, scripture or any theology nor hear the radio, for it must divert your mind from the calling of His name at every breath.
8. Before you start this work you should ask your mother, wife or sisters to arrange before you all your necessary things of bathing, meals, breakfast, excretion etc. so that you need not ask anybody for any necessary thing and also like you they should not speak to you.
9. Whenever you go out of your home to sit or to walk, you should always cast down your look on the ground at the distance of five feet from your foot. For this treatment of looking your sight must not fall on the young ladies , who are coming and going beside you, nor any attractive sight round you will fall on your eye. And as a result, your mind must not be fickle to disturb your concentration of mind.
10. You may sit here and there, but always be alone and never sit in the people; otherwise it will break the fixity of your mind.
11. …………..
12. ……………
13. ………………
14. …………….
15. …………….
16. ……………..
17. ……..
18. ………..
19. …………
20. ……..
21. …..
     In this way, you may begin your work at home. But it should be better for you if you before this read Vivekkosh (Bengali), Torch of Truth, Core of Conscience or Thesis on Koran written by the Instructor, for these will render you water-like clear conception about salvation.
      In case of necessity, you may meet the Instructor.

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